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February 12, 2018 2 min read

Having trouble choosing your new bathroom furniture? We explain some of the types of units available...

Vanity units

Available in either wall mounted or floor standing designs, vanity units fit flush to the wall and have a cupboard or drawers (or a combination of the two) below a basin which can be inset to the surface of the unit, semi recessed (if the unit is a space saving slimline type), or positioned on the countertop. A vanity unit can be bought as a standalone item, or coordinated with a range of other bathroom furniture.


Generally freestanding, washstands will be fixed down to prevent damage to the plumbing which could occur if the unit was moved accidentally. Again, basins can be inset, semi-recessed or countertop. Console washstands, which consist of a basin with ornate legs in a generally Victorian style, are popular in period bathrooms.

WC units

The name speaks for itself. A WC unit is a piece of fitted bathroom furniture which can be floor standing or wall hung and which houses a concealed cistern and supports a back to wall or wall hung toilet. Chosen to coordinate with other bathroom furniture, the WC unit brings the simple toilet into harmony with the rest of your bathroom, but allows easier access to the cistern for any necessary maintenance or repairs than would be the case with a back to wall toilet fitted to the wall itself.

Combination units

Combination units are one of the more popular forms of bathroom furniture, being a combination of WC unit and vanity unit. Ideal for smaller spaces, they again come in both floor standing or wall hung designs. Compact and coordinated, they're a good buy as it can often be cheaper to purchase one combination unit than buying a similar WC unit and vanity unit separately. If the combination unit comes as a pack, many suppliers will offer you a choice from a range of toilets and basins as an alternative to the standard items supplied with the pack.

Storage units

Storage units come in all shapes and sizes. Wall hung or floor standing, they can be standard height to fit in with your vanity unit and WC unit, or tall to offer you the greatest amount of floor space possible for the minimum floor space used. Storage units can be standard depth or slimline and as with all bathroom furniture, there's a range of styles and finishes out there to choose from.


Another term for storage unit, in essence, but an item referred to as a bathroom cabinet will generally mean a unit wall mounted above the basin, over the toilet, or elsewhere in the bathroom at about shoulder height, for additional storage. Useful for small everyday items and for medicines which you wish to keep out of the reach of small children, cabinets can be mirrored or plain fronted, come in various shapes and sizes, and may have some additional open shelving on the sides or beneath.

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