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March 29, 2017 2 min read

Bathroom Furniture For A Cloakroom

If you're intent on a cloakroom bathroom revamp and you're searching for interiors inspiration, you probably don't need me to tell you that whatever you buy, it will have to be small. The simple fact of most cloakrooms is that they lack space - but bathroom furniture could be your ideal solution.

Take vanity units, for example. A truly tiny vanity unit can measure less than 35cm wide and perhaps only 25cm deep. You'd struggle to find a wall hung basin that takes up noticeably less space - but by opting for the bathroom furniture option over the simple sanitaryware, you're buying internal storage space as well as a functional basin unit.

The lack of space you have to contend with means that it will undoubtedly be useful to buy slimline furniture, but fortunately there's a slimline version of most bathroom furniture items available if you look for it: tiny vanity units in any number of designs and finishes, and most manufacturers offer slimline WC units, too. Opting for a semi-recessed basin on your vanity unit means you can have the best of both worlds, if the look appeals to you: a full sized basin, part of which projects over the front edge of an exceptionally slimline vanity unit.

Then there are bathroom cabinets, which come in all shapes and sizes: go for a slim wall cabinet above your basin, or a tall corner cabinet to get the most storage space possible out of the limited floor space you have. It's surprising how much you can fit into a cupboard that takes up as little as 35x35cm of your floor area, when it's close to two metres tall. You simply need to organise your storage so that the items to which you'll want daily or weekly access are placed at shoulder height or lower, and that the items you tuck away at the top of a tall storage unit are those to which you don't require frequent access. Even if your emphasis is on barely there in terms of size, though, you should be able to find a bathroom cabinet to suit you.

If you prefer to keep the floor clear, that's fine too - in fact it's an advantage. Opting for wall hung bathroom furniture means you get both the storage space you need and the clear floor area you want - plus your eye sees a larger space, because none of the floor area is taken up. Matching wall hung vanity units and wall hung WC units lend a room a fresh modern look, and don't take up anywhere near the space you'd expect.

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