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August 16, 2016 2 min read

Beautiful Bathroom Taps

Contemporary bathroom tapsare an excellent way to accessorise your bathroom and transform it into an aesthetically appealing sanctuary. Bathroom taps come in a host of modern designs, ranging from taps for the bath or the sink. Chrome taps now come with either one or two spouts, the latter being one each for cold and hot water.

Spouts are exceptionally stylish and you can choose from two spouts connected to one head, two heads linked to one spout or the more conventional double spouts and heads for your bathroom basin. Swivel spouts allow you to direct the water flow to any direction you prefer. High, curved spouts are fashionable for elegant bathrooms. You can adjust both the pressure and the temperature of the water that jets out from the spout of bathroom taps.

Depending on the style of the spout, you can select a whole range of heads to match the décor of your bathroom. There are cross heads and levers as well as singular short rods. Some heads are totally detached from the spout and are fixed separately on the ceramic basin. To get water from the spout, you depress the head once. The water will continue flowing for a short period and stop automatically. This solves the problem of dripping taps.

You can enhance the attractiveness of your bathroom with striking bathroom fillers and mixers. These are now available in trendy and chic designs that can even be mounted on the floor with a very tall and curved spout to fill your bath. Fillers can be mounted on the wall or attached to your bathtub. Exclusive bathroom taps give your bath area a distinctly luxurious feel.


Transform your bathroom with stylish and trendy taps for your basin and your bath. Give your bathroom a new look with the cutting edge fashion of bathroom taps 

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