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October 03, 2016 3 min read

How Bathroom Taps Alone Can Improve Your Look

Bathroom taps used to be an afterthought. Nowadays with the vastly diverse and improved range of bathroom and kitchen taps available, a well placed, modern tap can be a focal point in any bathroom or kitchen.

Taps come in all shapes and sizes, some can boil water, some can filter water, all, when correctly fitted will deliver the flow of water that you need where you need it.

We hope that this short guide will assist you the consumer in your choice of bathroom taps.

Water systems

Gravity fed systems, hot and cold water tanks

Gravity Mains systems, hot water cylinder and cold mains

Pressurised Unvented Systems - as above but hot pressurised by cold mains supply

Pumped systems are gravity systems with a pump to boost water flow

Combination boilers instant water heater (high pressure system)

Tap guide

Pillar Taps
Separate hot and cold taps for two hole sinks.

Monobloc Mixer
Mixer tap requiring a basin with only one hole.

Single Lever Mixer
A Mixer tap using only one lever to control both flow and temperature.

Deck Mounted Mixer
Fitting required to be mounted on a horizontal surface.

Wall Mounted Mixer
Fitting required to be mounted onto a wall surface.

Bib Taps
Separate hot and cold taps to be installed onto wall surface, optional upstands for two hole sinksare available.

Mechanical valve
Traditional type of valve that uses a rubber washer to create a watertight seal.

Ceramic disc valve.
Valve that uses hard wearing ceramic discs to create a watertight seal. Popular due to low maintenance and easy quarter or half turn action to operate.

Ceramic disc cartridge.
Utilise a cartridge using cleverly made hard wearing ceramic discs to create taps with single lever operation. Becoming more popular due to low maintenance requirements and ease of operation.

Single flow
Hot and cold water mixes within the mixer body, require single check valves fitted to each inlet

To comply with Water Bylaws

Dual flow.
Hot and cold water mix at the outlet of the tap No check valves required.

Check valves.
Check valves (or Non Return Valves) are required to comply with Water Bylaws on certain fittings. They allow water to flow in only one direction. Please contact your local water authority for details.

Pressure reducing valves
Sometimes required on systems using mixers and with a high pressure imbalance. (greater than a ration of 5:1 generally)

Minimum pressure
Pressure required so that fitting performs adequately. Pressure depends on type of fitting and type of plumbing system installed. As a general guide, low pressure systems are gravity fed and less than 1.0 bar (1.0 metre vertical distance between shower outlet and base of cold water tank is approximately 0.1 bar), high pressure systems are mains fed, pumped or combination boilers.

Maximum pressure
Maximum safe working pressure. If this is exceeded all guarantees are void and the tap may be damaged.

Water Bylaws
All fittings must be installed to comply with these to ensure basic safety and legal compliance. Please contact your local water authority for details.

At, our extensive range of taps and mixers are styled to suit traditional or contemporary bathrooms and kitchens with bathroom taps, kitchen taps, bath shower mixers and wall mounted tap configurations available.

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