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March 14, 2017

Installing Wall Hung Bathroom Furniture

Wall hung bathroom furniture is an ideal design solution for many bathrooms. Contemporary and high end in appearance, it keeps your floor clear and is helpful in smaller bathrooms where being able to see all the floor space can make the room feel significantly larger.

Before you buy any item of wall hung bathroom furniture, check the weight of each item and estimate its likely weight when any storage spaces are filled with your accessories. Then ensure your walls are strong enough to bear this weight: consult a professional if necessary. If your walls aren't strong enough, you should be able to get them reinforced, but this will obviously add to the overall cost of your bathroom installation.

Your bathroom furniture may be delivered flat packed: self assembly should be relatively straightforward and full instructions will be provided. The manufacturer should also supply installation instructions and wall fixings.

If wall fixings are not provided with your new items, and you're not an experienced DIYer, you should take a note of the weights and storage capacities of your new units and consult a professional who will be able to advise you regarding the size, strength and number of brackets you'll need. It is not always the case that you can make up for insufficiently strong wall fittings by using twice as many: you should make sure from the outset that you're using the correct brackets and screws to hang your new bathroom furniture.

As with any bathroom furniture installation, make sure you measure carefully to avoid drilling holes in the wrong place - either in your walls, or in your new furniture. Furniture may need to be drilled to allow access for plumbing pipework: whereabouts you drill will depend on the location of your existing water supply and waste pipes. While it may seem like an obvious point, it is always worth double checking your measurements before you commit.

If you're unsure of how your bathroom layout will look when all your bathroom furniture is fitted, draw the outlines of your units onto the walls in pencil when your measurements are complete, so that you can see where each unit will be in relation to the next. To avoid having to erase or paint over your pencil marks, simply draw them a few millimetres in from where your true outline will be: you'll still get the general impression of your room layout but won't have to worry about the pencil marks once your units are in place.

If your units are very heavy, or you don't have anyone to help you during installation, try building a simple timber frame to support the weight of each item of bathroom furniture and hold it steadily in position as you secure the wall fixings.

A common feature of wall hung bathroom furniture is wall hung sanitarywear: wall hung toilets are commonly fitted with WC units for a coordinated finish. Manufacturers will generally supply a framework which supports the WC and which is hidden within the bathroom wall or behind the WC unit, supporting the weight of the toilet and allowing the pipework and cistern to be hidden within the bathroom furniture, allowing access for maintenance but leaving on show only sleek lines.

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