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June 06, 2017 2 min read

The Benefits of Walk-In Shower Enclosures

You might have had a shower enclosure for awhile, but it's starting to fall apart, and you may notice some gross green material creeping up; in this case, you'll want to get a replacement. You can find a lot of options for glass shower enclosures out there, and many more enclosures of other types and designs to choose from.

If you want to buy a new shower enclosure, take the low key method to shopping around for one. As modern styles become more minimalist, other elements of interior design follow that model, not the least of which are shower enclosures. You'll find that the basic design of the shower resembles a rectangular prism with an angled bottom to direct water to the drain.

In order to keep your bathroom floor free of water, you want an enclosure. Shower heads obviously follow to complete the entire package. Once the essentials are there, you simply add storage shelves for the shower materials and bath soaps, as well as some lights, and your perfect modern style shower enclosure is done.

When you have a shower enclosure whose floor is equal in height to the shower, that's called a level access shower construction, and it's a common design scheme. You can even get a shower enclosure that looks different from the bathroom. You might have tiles on the immediate shower, with a varying design for the rest of the bathroom proper.

If you really want your bathroom to pop, add some angled, dramatic low lighting to accent your shower enclosure. Just place some tiny halogen lights over your shower, which will accent tiles and certain subtle nuances to the enclosure design; this will make your bathroom look amazing.

It's a lot easier to get into a level floor access enclosure, as well as ones with doors to seal in the water once you're in. If you are getting older and finding it harder to enter and exit the shower than you did before, these doors are perfect. These doors also work well for handicapped people who need help with their shower.

A lot of people have foldable seats in their shower enclosures as well, so people can sit while they take their shower, ideal for the handicapped or elderly. If you need someone to help you shower, this seat makes it ideal for them to help you. Safety bars will provide extra support and options for entry and egress, making a beautiful shower well within reach for people who have movement issues.

You can even get a showering tray in modern enclosures, which can keep water from leaking onto the floor, if that is a concern you have. The showering tray is placed under the shower floor, and is designed to stand up to decades of wear.

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