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Kartell Radiator - Laser Klassic Vertical Tubular Steel

Laser Klassic Columns Radiators 

The Laser Klassic Columns Radiators are designed with clean lines and perfectly assembled using laser welding technology.A flexible and broad range of sizes and colours ensure their adaptability to any housing needs. The perfectly rounded heads make them ideal where the safety of children is a key requirement. 


  • A versatile radiator, harmonious in any location
  • Available in different colours to suit your needs, taste and furnishings 
  • An innovative and stylish radiator, manufactured using laser welding techniques that produce an invisible weld with hard wearing and high quality paint finish
  • Quality and style is essential
  • Brilliant heat output 


  • BTU Output ∆T60ºC: 3858
  • Finish: Ral Colors

Guarantee: 5 years

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